Tricia Helfer – voiceover recording session for PostHuman

Tricia Helfer - VO recording for PostHuman

San Diego Comic-Con – Interview on Latino Review

After the screening of PostHuman at San Diego Comic-Con last week, we sat down for an interview with Latino Review

PostHuman – now available online!

The PostHuman short film is now viewable online! You don’t have to be at a film festival to see it!

PostHuman wins Best Animated Short at Screamfest!

PostHuman wins Best Animated Short at Screamfest!

At Sitges Film Festival 2012!

Sitges Film Festival

Fantastic Fest 2012 – day of recovery

Holly Blain and Cole Drumb at Pinballz Arcade in Austin

Fantastic Fest 2012 – Day 8

At the Highball

Fantastic Fest 2012 – Day 6

Dinner and movie at Tim League's home

Fantastic Fest 2012 – Day 5

Cole Drumb and Jennifer Luk

Fantastic Fest 2012 – Day 4 – BBQ field trip to Smitty’s

Fantastic Fest 2012 field trip to Smitty's BBQ