Cast & Crew

Kali – Tricia Helfer
Terrence – Ulric Dihle

Director: Cole Drumb
Screenplay by: Cole Drumb
Producers: Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk and Cole Drumb
Executive Producers: Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk and Cole Drumb
Editors: Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk and Cole Drumb
Production Company: Colliculi Productions
Animation studio: Humouring the Fates Animation Studios
Animation Director: Jesse Norton
Studio Manager/Color & Composite Lead: Kevin DeLucia
Key Animation: Ben McSweeney
Lead Tween & Cleanup: Craig Olsson
Lead Checking & Line Production: Nick Gallo-Lopez
Animator: Chris Walker
Animator: Jocelyn Kirby
Animator: Steven Valdez
Animator: Javier Flick
Animator: Jameel Newkrik
Animator: Michael Ayers Jr.
Animator: Paloma Garcia
Animator: Jason McTeague
Animator: Cartalya Davis
Animator: Neil Harsha
Animator: Stephanie Richoll
Animator: Gustavo Vasquez
Animator: Alysia Abrams
Animator: Kala Austin
Animator: S.T. Williams
Animator: Cynthia Castillo
Animator: Jamie Porazinski
Animator: Mici Falvo
Animator: Paco Sanchez
Animator: Melissa Mercado
Animator: Sean Kelly
Animator: Sarah Douglas
Animator: Marlowe Norton
Animator: Rivquh “Naz” Horner
Storyboard Artist: Tom Price
Script Consultant: Adisakdi Tantimedh
Sound Recording Engineer: Gary Zacuto – Shoreline Studios
Sound Recording Engineer: Sam Gray
Post Production Sound Services: Kid Dropper Sound
Sound Editor: Jesse Peterson
Sound Editor: Eric Milano
Sound Editor: Charles Maynes
Foley Artist: Garon Benner
Re-Recording Mixer: Jesse Peterson
Additional Post Production Sound Services: Bad Animals
Re-Recording Mixer: Dave Howe, C.A.S.
Composer: Neill Sanford Livingston
Trumpet: Justin Mullens
Video Post Production: Lightpress
Colorist: Jeff Tillotson
Online Editor: Shane Dillon
Consulting Producer: Jannat Gargi


Colliculi Productions is an independent entertainment production company based in Seattle. Founded and owned by Cole Drumb and Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk, Colliculi Productions fully financed and produced the animated short film PostHuman.


Cole Drumb – Director
Writer, director, producer Cole Drumb has over a decade of film and video production experience that includes directing and producing Dominoes, a self funded independent feature film that premiered at Seattle International Film Festival in 2003. Cole began his production career as a PA and has since worked nearly every production job available, with the possible exception of Greensman. Cole’s education includes training in 3D animation, which led him to work on multiple video games as character animator. PostHuman is the culmination of his years of experience in multiple fields and explodes onscreen like a psychotronic dream.


Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk – Producer
Writer, producer, editor Jennifer Wai-Yin Luk has worked on multiple productions, including independent feature films, shorts, documentaries, and an MTV series. Her production experience has ranged from on-set duties to post-production and editing. Jennifer has a degree in computer science with additional studies in classical piano performance. Her entertainment interests are many and varied. PostHuman, years in the making, fits well within her scope of brazenly intelligent passions.