Ain’t It Cool News

So here’s a rarity, quite possibly a first even – I caught the animated short POST HUMAN during Fantastic Fest last week and it pretty much knocked me on my ass. Director Cole Drumb and his producing partner Jen Luk with Colliculi Productions have built a damn fine short that will leave you wanting more. […]

Film Threat

Hacker Terrence (Ulric Dihle) is helping Kali (Tricia Helfer) find out the whereabouts of her cohort Benjamin. Imprisoned in a lab of some sort, Benjamin’s health is failing as he endures tests of his supernatural mental powers, which are capable of creating a protective force field even as a soldier fires his gun at point […]

Live For Films

I first encountered PostHuman at the 2012 Fantastic Fest film festival as part of their many shorts programs. Well, actually I met it on my laptop when I got some PR-related emails from the producer with links to watch it on a private Vimeo channel a few weeks before Fantastic Fest. This was, of course […]

Go, See, Talk

This widely appealing American action anime is an absolute gem that will impress anime fans who love popular and seminal properties like Cowboy Bebop, Akira and Aeon Flux. PostHuman is a stylish 6 minute sci-fi rescue mission that is just WOW up, down and sideways. Fast-paced is an understatement as PostHuman picks up speed and never looks back. Rest assured, though short this is […]

We Drink Your Milkshake

I must confess, I’ve seen this short quite a few times before and after the festival. I like the modern anime-inspired style. Part of the reason why I dig this short so much is that you feel like you’re watching a random episode or section of a larger body of work. The world building was […]


While researching PostHuman on the internet I ran into a ton of movies/web series all bearing the same name and I thought, that must be frustrating as a filmmaker. To know you might not have the dot com or the facebook url is sometimes a death sentence, but upon further inspection of these films none […]

Jace Hall Show

Daily Anime: “PostHuman” Cartoon Looks Like a 6-Minute Orgasm for Otakus (NSFW) Despite its short length, the 6-minute film “PostHuman” — a sci fi mini-epic brought to the masses by Humoring the Fates Animation Studio – looks all kinds of kick-ass. Maybe that’s because the short looks to be in the vein of Spriggan and some of […]

J.B. Spins

We might be in for a dystopian future, but there are those among us who won’t go down without a fight, perhaps including Terrance the hacker. He will demonstrate his talents to a mysterious woman and potential audiences for further and longer exploits when Cole Drumb’s animated short film PostHuman (trailer here) screens at the […]

Twitch Film

POSTHUMAN Teaser Is Adrenaline Fueled Anime Goodness   I’ve been on an anime kick lately, with the new Space Battleship Yamato 2199, and Macross Frontier fueling that fire. Now along comes PostHuman, a 6 minute short film from Humoring The Fates Animation Studio, a commercial studio whose client roster includes Nike, Mattel, and Microsoft. PostHuman […]

The Stranger

Get “PostHuman” Tomorrow Night “PostHuman” is a locally produced animated short film. In its five-minute runtime, it brings to mind Aeon Flux* and Akira. These are good influences for a movie to claim, and “PostHuman” makes the most of them. It’s getting hard to discern a difference between animation and live-action, anymore (the best part […]